Monday, July 4, 2011

A Statewide Call to Pray! Day Seventeen!

It’s the Fourth of July.  Ken Bryan and I are heading into Washington DC to accomplish several things:
  1. We are participating in the closing parts of the 11-11 Initiative that took us to Gettysburg the last three days.  We meet this morning at the Lincoln Memorial.  Check out the link at this site:
  2. We are completing an assignment the Lord has been personally placing in us to align Texas properly with the Kingdom shift that the Lord is bringing about in our nation. There were specific prophetic acts that we were to carry out at Little Round Top in Gettysburg. Texas forces were involved in that aspect of the battle on July 2, 1863, which was marked by Colonel Joshua Chamberlain’s heroic bayonet charge.  We also carried out similar acts at Antietam and await His directions regarding any assignments in DC.
  3. It’s July 4th!  Fireworks are in order!
I also feel compelled to release a word that was sent to me by Tracy Hamlin.  Tracy is a member of Dr. John Benefiel’s church (Church on the Rock) in Oklahoma City.  It concerns Houston and Texas.  He received it nearly a month ago from the Lord.  It is very appropriate for this season as we head to August 6th.
Saturday, 6/11/2011

Houston is the TRUMPET! 
You have to go to the deepest point to reach the biggest deposits.  The pressure currently keeping the treasure locked up is the same pressure that will cause it to burst forth when the deposit place is tapped.  Houston will be command central, and the signpost by which God’s authority is shown in the government, not only in Texas, but in the nation, and then the continent of North America.  An example is being set forth for the nation to follow, a righteous example of being truly called, obedient, then set apart.  Holiness, among other things, is the greatest example being set for the nations.  
NATIONS will look to the apostolic and prophetic leaders in Texas for not only advice and guidance, but genuine deliverance and mantling.  It’s all about mantles of authority and the sphere of influence at this stage, so allow ME to set the stage, allow Me to establish the pace, as some will be slower than others to respond, but KNOW that as I shake one place, I am establishing another, and in My time, all will align into My Kingdom Purpose.  Houston is the trumpet, the ears of the nation will be turned to Houston during August and September, even more-so than the eyes of the nation.  It will be the sound that comes from Houston that will change the atmosphere, more than the actions.  
YES the actions are important, but the SOUND of the trumpet is what is heard and noticed more than the look of the instrument.  People will say, the media will report “never before has this happened” and it is not in reference to the gathering, it will be more than that.  MORE THAN THAT!!!  Pull yourself up by your bootstraps; settle in tight, and HOLD ON!!!  The ride has been wild to this point, but truly it’s only been the staging area up to this point.  MY GLORY will shine in Texas, and when it does it will be as a bright sun to a man blind from birth, seeing for the first time.  Allow Me to shine, allow Me to root out, allow Me to turn upside down that which was never right side up.  The continental divide will shift, watch it, and be ready with your response.  
What does this have to do with Texas you ask?  Wait and see as I encircle areas with My hand, and you will see Texas come in to a new alignment, the ground of Texas will enlarge and be broadened by My hand.  I am about to enlarge the tent of Texas to cover those that have previously had no covering.  THIS IS A CONGRESSIONAL MOVE AS WELL!!  Your influence from the spiritual authoritative seat in Texas will be heard LOUD AND CLEAR in the congress of this nation- but wait!  This is only a means to obtain entry into other nations governments and re-mantle the authorities there.  Get ready to travel Texas leaders, stay packed and at the ready, for when the call comes, there will be narrow windows of opportunity to slip in and out of government places and palaces.  
SEND AND SEIZE the right leaders at the right moments to arrest the principalities and recover the wealth.  Do not turn down the gift of honor, for it will be an in-road as well to deeper secret places and much higher levels of influence.  Accept the gift of honor accept the gift of welcoming, and don’t get hung up on religious fodder that would cause you to offend the leaders of the nation and cause a door to be shut on your input.  You will eat the dinners of Kings and dignitaries, so polish up your etiquette; it will be better revered if you know where the right fork is.  Once the formalities are done and set aside, a relaxing of the guard will occur, and you will have the ear of the leaders to speak a release and a delivering word in a moment.  You WILL see the nations shift, you WILL see the leaders bow, you WILL reap the tangible spoils and benefits.  
OH TEXAS!!!!  PLANT YOUR SEED NOW!!!  “But it is out of seedtime, the weather is too hot, the ground is too dry”  HA!  Am I not the GOD OF THE HARVEST?  Then I am also the GOD OF THE SEED!!!  I will cause the right rain in the right time to foster expansion, so PLANT NOW the seeds you want to produce in the next and immediate season.  Watch the timing, listen for My GO!, listen for My GO!, listen for My GOOOO!!!!  This is why it is of the utmost importance to be ready; the plane will be idling on the runway when the phone rings, so timing is of the essence.  Don’t sweat the details, remember that I took care of the sparrows and arrayed the fields in grass and flowers.  Don’t say “but we have no means”, it will not take your resources for long, and the recovery will be immediate.  Don’t say “but I have this appointment and that to-do”, cancel what you must, things will keep, rearrangements will take place, and the task I give you will be the one to focus on.  In the middle of this, promotion will come- I do not tell you this to blow your ego, I tell you this to encourage the weary that serve along side you, that have sacrificed and given and toiled.  I am the King, I am the Lord, I am God alone, and this new season is no small task, but will be easy with Me at the helm.

(He showed me a diamond mine that has stopped producing diamonds, so rather than digging a new mine, the strategy was to simply go deeper, into the next treasure, but there was also more pressure)

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