Friday, July 15, 2011

A Statewide Call to Pray - Day Twenty-Eight!

On to Washington D.C.

“Our time at the Lincoln Memorial culminated a journey that began 11 days before, when our three teams began their respective journeys towards Gettysburg and Washington DC. Together we touched 17 states with an assignment to pray through historic wells of awakening and Civil War battlefields, believing God for a historic move of Holy Spirit awakening and union. This is pictured in Ezekiel 37, where the prophet stands on a barren battlefield and calls for God’s awakening winds. An “exceeding great army” emerges!”  (Taken from Jon Hamill’s field report for CONVERGE GETTYSBURG)

It rained Sunday evening in Frederick, Maryland.  When you’re in the wilderness rain is an awesome sight.  We didn’t make too much of the rainstorm until we headed to Washington Monday morning July 4th.  It quickly became apparent that the heavens had been shaken by the action of the teams traveling across this nation as we pulled onto the Interstate headed south to D.C.  The roadside was covered with limbs and debris all along our route.  It was almost as though the storm had traveled down the road before us, straight into Washington.  Over the years as we have neared the end of an assignment it has become common place for a strong wind to blow across our path.  We now call this wind “the finishing anointing”.  If that was what Tom and I were witnessing July 4th, then this assignment was was going to finish with a bang.

As we stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with the CONVERGE GETTYSBURG teams I was taken back to April 2008 prior to this past presidential election.  I had stood in this very spot as part of an assignment in Washington.  The next phase of that assignment was to pray at the White House.  It was late in the evening when we arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  There were very few people gathered that time of the day.  I noticed a guard leave the gate house and walk out into the street. (If you are a guard at a gate I think we can assume you are a gatekeeper).  I approached the guard and asked permission to pray at the gate leading into the White House.  Without hesitation permission was granted and protocal was in place.  Remember April 2008 was before either party had picked a candidate for President.  My prayer was this, “Lord let the next man who fills this office come to the place where he realizes that the only hope for this nation is You.  Let him humble himself, fall on his knees and acknowledge that You God are the only one with the answers to the problems facing this nation”.

I bring this up today because I heard these very words spoken Wednesday.  The words did not come from the man in the Oval Office.  Instead I heard these words on a conference call.  They were delivered by Texas Governor Rick Perry.  There was no political or religious agenda attached to the words, just a humble voice speaking truth to the situation this nation faces today.  I am making no correlation between what I prayed in April 2008 and what Governor Perry spoke Wednesday, I’m only reporting what I witnessed.  Governor Perry’s conference call was to share his heart and explain why he called for “The Response” August 6th at Reliant Stadium in Houston.  As Tom stated in closing the blog yesterday, the troops are being mustered.  The clarion call has been given and the time for “the church” to respond is now.  I urge you to make plans today to attend this event.  We’ve come to a place in this wilderness experience where we want to be counted as the ones who answered the call and stood in humility and unity crying out to God for a sovereign move to awaken this nation.

Ken Bryan

Go THE RESPONSE and respond!
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