Monday, May 27, 2013


Let me introduce you to Cindy Collins of SpeakHope.

Cindy is the founder of SpeakHope.netWorld Generation Outreach (Pregnancy Help Center in Louisiana-USA, Passion4Purity (P4P)International, WGON-FM Radio) and Louisiana Abortion Recovery Alliance (LARA).

For over 25 years Cindy has provided help to women in at-risk pregnancy situations and mentored many young adults.  She also provides outreach to young adults at risk for predatory relationships, abortion, human trafficking, sexual exploitation, abuse...providing help, hope and healing.

Her experience includes Global Outreach forOperation Outcry (a ministry of The Justice Foundation) and co-host of "Faces of Abortion"television. "Faces of Abortion" is aired in the US and via satellite in 115 nations.

She has submitted written testimony before the US Supreme Court, the European Union, the World Congress on Families, in United Nation workshops with Women for Life International, before state legislatures in the US, and Members of Parliament in Australia, Holland, and Portugal.

She’s also provided outreach to Israel, Holland, Hungary, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, India, and Australia.

Cindy is available for speaking, outreach, providing expert testimony...and providing hope and counsel...from broken to beautiful.

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