Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stop the Traffic - Starts Sunday

The following is copied from "Prayer for Freedom." I thank them for their faithful prayers regarding trafficking!

Prayer Points

“I expose slavery in this country because to expose it is to kill it. Slavery is one of those monsters of darkness to whom the light of truth is death”
Frederick Douglass

I believe every time that we pray the truth of Christ is shining in the darkness, so I thank all of you prayer partners that are standing up for justice. You are changing the world!

“I the Lord have called you to demonstrate my righteousness. I will guard and support you, for I have given you to my people as the personal confirmation of my covenant with them. You shall also be a light to guide the nations unto me. You will open the eyes of the blind, and release those who sit in prison darkness and despair”
Isaiah 42:6-7

Prayer Points
  1. People will be aware of the problem of Human Trafficking & Slavery
  2. Law enforcement will have the training needed to identify victims & wisdom to handle each situation
  3. Government will implement and enforce policy surrounding Human Trafficking
  4. There will be after-care housing for all victims of Human Trafficking. Trained to help the needs of trafficked victims
  5. The victims will receive all areas of healing that they need. Physically, Spiritually and Mentally
  6. The victims will find a personal relationship with Christ and complete healing
  7. The victims will have the ability and opportunity to get work, housing and training for a new life
  8. The justice system will help facilitate the prevention of  the demand for slavery
  9. That people that are facilitating the sex industry will find a relationship to Christ and stop
  10. That the traffickers (organized crime and individuals) will be brought to justice
  11. Potential traffickers and victims will find a relationship to Christ (high risk youth)
  12. Proclamation over each victim freedom through Christ
These prayer points are from research we have done at Prayer Freedom and from Non-profit Organizations. The most important thing to pray for is what God has put upon your heart. Thank you for all of you support and prayers.

JOIN WITH  TEXAS APOSTOLIC PRAYER NETWORK as we start a 40 day prayer initiative tomorrow morning!
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