Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Freedom 21 - Day 2

Today is Day 2 of a twenty-one day initiative to end human trafficking in the United States and Mexico.  You can download the Prayer Guide through this link: Prayer Guide.

Today we are asking the Lord to deal with our mistreatment of children.

Personal Repentance

Lord, forgive if I have seen children as a bother or a hindrance to my own plans and desires. I repent if I have been too focused on my own world to notice the hurting kids around me.

Corporate Repentance

The Church has been slow to engage this issue in a practical way, often finding it easier to send money to feed and rescue the rest of the world’s children rather than making the necessary sacrifices to rescue our own. The growing movement for adoption has often focused on babies, resulting in many older children growing up without families. Lord, forgive us for not protecting the most vulnerable among us, our own children, to whatever degree. We repent for not revealing the Father’s  heart to them.


• God, we ask You to uproot the selfishness in our hearts that causes us to not see the enormous value of the next generation.
• We pray You would help us to not miss out on the opportunity just because it is inconvenient to be Your hands and feet to children who desperately need to know You.
• Help Your body to actively make a place for those who need a family. Open our eyes to see that children truly are a blessing from You.
• We pray that You would expose the mistreatment and abandonment of children in our nations. Raise up men and women willing to be counselors and adoptive parents, who see the importance of healing this wound.

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