Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Freedom 21 - Day 9

Today is Day 9 of a twenty-one day initiative to end human trafficking in the United States and Mexico.  You can download the Prayer Guide through this link: Prayer Guide.

Today we are asking the Lord to deal with unbridled appetites.

Personal Repentance

Father, I repent personally if I have any unbridled appetites. Forgive me for not possessing the spirit of self-control when it comes to the feeding of my cravings (food, spending, shopping, sexual addictions, etc.).

Corporate Repentance

Father God, we now stand in the gap on behalf of our nations and repent for the sins of lust, promiscuity, and pornography that have opened the door to all forms of sexual perversion in our two nations, unleashing the horrific physical, spiritual, and emotional violence that permeates the sex trade. Forgive us, God, for the sin of greed, which is allowing businesses to profit from the misery of those trafficked and sold into slavery. Forgive us for our complacency in prayer. Forgive us that we have not cried out to You to rid our land of this evil. We repent for supporting the Transnational Criminal Organizations and their criminal activities by spending billions of dollars on trafficked girls and boys, destroying the innocent for illicit and lustful gain.


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