Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Freedom 21 - Day 8

Today is Day 8 of a twenty-one day initiative to end human trafficking in the United States and Mexico.  You can download the Prayer Guide through this link: Prayer Guide.

Today we are asking the Lord to deal with the sleeping church.

Personal Repentance

Father God, forgive me for my indifference towards those entrapped by human trafficking. I repent for not being awake and alert to the injustice that is going on around me.

Corporate Repentance

Forgive Your Church, Lord, for turning a blind eye to the women and children who are caught in this dark place of depravity right in our own backyard. Instead of calling out to You day and night in prayer, asking for strategies to deliver these victims, we have become too paralyzed to bring about any change. Forgive us for our apathy, unbelief, and unwillingness to engage in abolishing the atrocity of this modern day slavery.


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